Managed Services Across Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

What We Do

We provide implementation and managed services to help businesses achieve their digital vision in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our clients find us easy to work with, outcome-focused and flexible. Most of them see significant savings compared to the big names in the industry.

private Cloud

Your datacenter. Our services.

Hybrid Cloud

Datacenter + Public Cloud. Seamless.

Public Cloud

Pick your cloud – Azure. AWS. Google.

Business Intelligence

Business insights from data.

Big Data

Hadoop. HDFS. Spark. etc.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning


Business Outcomes

Accelerate business growth and digital transformation with our cloud-powered solutions and services.

Boost productivity of your increasingly mobile digital workforce, and deliver rich experiences to your customers.

Global Partners

Why Modernize With Cloud?

Compliance Concerns

Without modernization and updating to the new world of cloud, it becomes difficult to keep abreast with compliance laws and regulations

Missed Opportunities

Outdated technology infrastructure and applications makes it challenging to keep up with competitors who are adopting digital initiatives

Business Disruptions

Without modernization with the new 'status quo' your business runs the risk of disruptions and downtime - by malicious intent or otherwise

Talent Loss

Businesses that do not leverage and embrace modern technologies leave their employees less productive leading to widespread dissatisfaction

Cloud Use Cases

Cloud enables numerous use cases. Greenfield initiatives ranging from the ‘new stack’ entirely in the cloud, to a micro-services based scale-out digital platform for devices and workforce. Brownfield scenarios include migration of on-premise workloads and applications to the cloud.

Deep Expertise

We offer a complete set of cloud services to help grow your business. Whether you are looking to better engage your customers, drive productivity of your employees, or optimize your operating and logistic costs – our services are geared to driving business value. 

Cloud Strategy and roadmap

Define your cloud strategy and roadmap with industry-specific analyses to prioritize business outcomes and boost growth

Cloud Modernization and Migration

Transform your business with cloud-native applications; modernize existing applications and migrate them to cloud

Cloud Operation and Optimization

Operate your cloud applications and optimize your cloud investments with our suite of tools and services

Cloud Support and Helpdesk

Better support your customers and employees with our cloud support and helpdesk services

Cloud Application services

Transform your applications and digital portfolio with emerging technologies made possible by cloud.

Cloud threat management

Secure your cloud assets, data and applications and mitigate threats that put your business at risk

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leverage cloud innovations to better engage your customers and digital workforce and drive value for your business

Cloud Compliance and GDPR

Comply with regulatory requirements (such as GDPR) and protect your users privacy and digital identity

Our Service Scope

Our service scope extensively covers different aspects of cloud solutions, not just the final implementation.

Close Look

Featured Case Studies

Enterprise Cloud Migration

Traditional IT resources and applications migrated to the cloud. Saved $8m within 18 months.

Highway Monitoring from Cloud

Monitored busy highway with hundreds of vehicles per minute using cloud backend and IoT sensors.

Video Surveillance from Cloud

Video surveillance of busy facilities using AI and cloud capabilities leading to retiring old CCTV cameras and NVRs.

Cloud Resources and Tools

We offer a learning library of topics ranging from business analysis, digital transformation playbooks to cost-analysis guides for our customers. We also provide a rich set of tools and resources for both business and technical employees of our customers. Your organization gets access to all of these when you become our customer.