Cloud Optimization – A Case In Point

Cloud Optimization: A Case In Point

Cloud optimization is important step as you are thinking of moving to cloud. a standard “lift and shift” may end up increasing costs and complexity.

As organization move to the cloud, many of them adopt a ‘lift and shift’ approach. This approach does not leverage cloud in the best way possible because the waste from one environment are carried into another.

We often see customers who went to the cloud “to reduce costs” and ended up spending more than before, and also customers who moved “to increase agility” but ended up greatly increasing the complexity and costs involved in the data protection required by regulations.

In order to maximize cloud benefits at the best cost structures, a detailed evaluation of current and anticipated new application workloads should be performed by experts. This evaluation must outline (a) what applications have the path of least resistance to the cloud, (b) what application should stay put on-premise, (c) what applications should be written afresh, and (d) what should run in hybrid mode.

Our solution experts provide detailed analysis and assessment that covers not only the above-mentioned core categoric strategy but a lot more. Learn more at our website.

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