AI, Cloud and Governance

AI, Cloud and Governance

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud have created a global discussion and debate on governance and ethics. How far is too far?


Never before has the world of computing faced a challenging ethic issue such as we face today with the emergence of AI and cloud – two technologies that are maturing faster than we can blink our eyes. 

“AI has been around since the 1970s. But today, elastic resources in the cloud make it possible and feasible to bring AI to the center stage of our daily lives”

Citizens of most advanced countries in the world are concerned about how governments and businesses 

  • Collect data about them
  • Manipulate and aggregate data about them
  • Store their data
  • Keep their data away from prying eyes

European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is the first response by a major government to curb the tide on citizens’ data being collected, manipulated, aggregated, analyzed, stored and sold without regard to ‘human right’ of privacy. 

On one hand, AI promises great enhancements to human living standards; on the other, AI is hungry for data. It needs to be constantly fed with relevant data so that it can learn and make smarter decisions about everyday things.

FiberCloud privacy practice aims at answering these questions for our enterprise and government clients. Among the topics we address are:

  • How to safely collect data
  • How to meet regulatory needs while meeting AI goals
  • How to compartmentalize data for correct data attribution
  • How to implement data protection in private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • How to implement data provenance

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