Service Scope

Our service scope in working with clients includes one or more of the following:

  • Development of business drivers, opportunities, and risks for cloud
  • Holistic future state architecture blueprints and roadmap of cloud progression
  • Evaluation of cloud economics for various cloud architecture and specific scenarios
  • Process readiness assessment for Infrastructure/Operations
  • Staffing skills assessment and readiness training for Infrastructure/Operations staff
  • Security architecture and readiness plan
  • Alignment with data, records, and security strategy
  • As required O365 strategy, including tenancy decision
  • Architecture and readiness plan for cloud based identity management (specifically Active Directory) 
  • Framework for governing, managing, and administrating cloud services
  • Ready to implement disaster recovery architecture plan and design
  • Executive and end user education and presentations
  • Proof of concepts of proposed architecture
  • Final production rollout in a safe and agile manner
  • Ongoing operations and management as per the comfort and budget of clients